April 1, 2010

My Most Memorable Holiday in Nepal

Wednesday, March 31, 2010 9:49 PM

In the past years,things have happened to me which are memorable.The exotic holiday trip to Nepal have become my greatest experience.

I arrived in Tribuana Airport at noon and Hailed a taxi to Thamel Street,Kathmandu,Nepal.Along the journey,I saw various shop lined up by the road side with their shops owner busily tending their customers.A bevy of ravishing maiden dressed in their colourful saris and kuthas,walked briskly to their college.The blaring horns and human commotion were chaotic.However,I was plesed to be given a chance to discover another kind of life. 

Next ,I wandered around Kathmandu city.As I heard,local call their city Kathmandu ‘City of Temples’.Temples are ubiquitous in nepal. Nevertheless,temples like Patan Durbar Square, Syambhunath, Manakamana, Pashupatinath are remain sacred till today.These equisite and artistic crafted ancient temples stood majestically among devotees who were giving thanks for return of bountiful harvest,blessed married or even seeking cure for their illnesses.Their endless chanting were heard and the scent of burning incence hung in the air.

On the following days, I trekked for three days and two nights to ‘Nagarkot’ accompanied by a tour guide named Ram.The scenic panorama of landscaping, hills, mountains and villages were stunning.Amid the greenery, I heard the crackling sound of water.Granting my curiosity, I rumbled down the hill and saw a splendid cascade.The crystalline water flowed down the puzzled rivers that ran to lower hills and across the mountains.Perhaps it ended in Ganga river.                                                                                                                         

The long distance journey was arduous as the mountain’s slops were narrow, steep and slippery. Weather was unpredictable and harsh. It was warm, chilled to the next and even rained that followed by storm. When these occured,we seeked shelter from the nearest villagers houses whom opened their home warmly and welcome us with’ Namaste’ means hello. Once when I reached the high altitude, I felt exhausted, nausea and giddy because of the lack of oxygen. Even my haversack felt heavier and every step was torture.

“Are you okay” Ram was asking.

“Yeah…I am fine” I replied and smiled to hide my suffering.

“Walk slowly,the mountain will wait,”  he added.

Gosh! What a wise word! I turned to him and grinning foolishly.Miraclasly it empowered my strength and courage to move on,even very slowly as he said ,’the mountain will wait’.

In the late evening,I reached ‘Nagarkot’ and stayed in a home stay provided by the itineray.Despite of the cold,I stayed outdoor to witness the ‘starry night’. Billion of stars were shining like diamonds. It amazing to be   bathed in luminous brightness.As the wind was blowing, my shadow danced gracefully amid the trees. 

On the following dawn,I woke up before the rooster.I jumped from my bed and grabbed my shawl,jackets and shoes quickly and dashed out hurriedly to watch the sunrise.The large stone was a perfect spot that facing the east.

“Look there”! other tourist exclaimed.

“Gorgeous!” I murmured in awe. As the sun emerged, like a golden ball, the rays brightened the sky. While I immersed into bewilderment,I heard roosters were crowing loudly from a far, walking up the villagers and soon,the typical commotion erupted.A signal where villagers had started their daily chores.Undisturbed,I stayed on adoring the nature and savour the enourmous joy by allowing the warm sunshine carresing my skin.It was like being touched by the alluring Himalayan angel.

As the morning became brighter and warmer,the fog manoeuvered, clearing the sky.Finally,I saw the tip of the magnificent’Mount Everest’ stood majestically before my eyes.A sudden euphoria dispensed my fatigue,like a superb concotion that enhanced the strength in me.For a moment,I closed my eyes and let my emotion ran through my pulse and it send me the appreciation to mother nature which had been giving mankind resources to live on.On the other hand,human should continue care their environment so that her harvest would last long to many next generation later.

 My journey to Nepal had broadened my vision.It taught me about devotion and happiness.Hardwork is needed to obtain our aims and positive thinking is strength to move on.

By  Amini Achmadi

Save Our Trees

February 18, 2010

Trees are woody material plant consisting of trunk and branches which grow to considerable height.Trees are important for both human and animal life.Trees that grow around us have played a significant role in balancing the ecosystem.

Trees also homes to birds and insects.Some birds build their nest on the trees and even raised their young on them.Like birds,insect such as grasshopper,ants ,butterfly and beetles are comfortably seeking a sanctuary on trees.During the rainy seasons,these insects secure themselves by hiding under the leaves or tree’s bark.In mangroves,crabs,prawns,eels,snakes and many more species,live and breed in the root of the mangroves trees.Trees provide the habitat for many species to live and thrive in,enriching our ecosystem.

As both birds and insects can be found on trees,they engage in a symbiosis that continuously help in extending the creature life’s span as well as balancing the ecosystem.For example,birds which eat insect directly help in saving the farmer in preserving their crops.This results in a decrease in the population of insects.Therefore,farms or plants are saved from the ravage of insects.

Also,trees are vital for human survival too.Firstly,trees produce oxygen which is very much-needed by humans.Secondly,trees contribute in improving the air quality for our atmosphere by helping to reduce the high carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere due to pollution

Trees have large and strong roots to help them absorb and store the water they need to grow.These strong roots which dig far and deep into the earth help to hold the soil in place.Thereby,preventing soil erosion due to flood or heavy rain.In coastal areas,it has been proven that mangrove trees help in preventing the soil erosion caused by strong waves from sea.Any damage offer tsunami can be minimised.

Lastly,trees are indeed miracles of life that have to be treasured.We can now see that the delicate balance and ability of our ecosystem to support life,both human and animal,depends heavily on trees.Therefore we must care for our environment and take steps to preserve and save our trees before it is too late.

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February 17, 2010

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